Parade Of Bonnie Hunter Designs

The first BH quilt I ever attempted was the Carolina Crossroads. When Bonnie said choose three colorways I took out all my scraps and separated them by color, and finding that I had more pinks/greens and neutrals that became my plan. It was this process that really got me thinking about ordering my scraps into something more manageable!
It has lovely light and soft wool batting 
Addition of a tiny stop border and contrast piping sets off the finished quilt.
The label has a photo of the quilt along with the design details.
 I gave it to a friend who was struggling with health issues.
 This is Carolina Christmas, I like it very much and still have it - as yet no one else has claimed it!
I did purchase Christmas fabrics 50% off around the season while I was piecing it, these added to my limited Christmas stash and gave me an interesting border fabric. I brought it out for the living area downstairs this Christmas.
The backing- scrapped backing used up most of the old Christmas fabrics in my stash.
Quilted with  freehand Dogwood, the Carolina state flower.
Double Delight, another well loved quilt, still in my collection! I had no double pinks so I used reds.
Left-over blocks were incorporated into the border an effect I really like and it gets those pesky orphan blocks out of your drawers!
The back is a PBR brushed cotton so soft and cozy  and it shows the freehand Baptist Fan quilting design.
 Old Tobacco Road has an unusual pop of blue here and there just for fun! I goofed in forgetting the first stop border before the FG - who but me knows- and now you!
Quilted with assorted leaves I gave this to a friend who was setting up a new home with Mexican decor  because she needed a living room quilt and these colors go well in there. This was a total stash quilt like most of my BH quilts.
Scrappy Bargello, I used scrappy pinks only.
For a young girl's Quincinera, she was then all about pink!
The back is also pink!
These next two are both Bonnie's Strip Twist, each made from the left-over fabrics from a crib quilt so the child would have a"drag around" cuddle quilt.
This was made from the bits remaining from a great niece's  applique "Farm " quilt.
 Orange Crush #1 set on the straight. I wanted to gift these to the Wounded Warriors therefore the blue and red make them more patriotic! Leftover blocks fill in the short supply of border fabric. Button dog always always insists on giving her vote of approval and if DGS #3 is here, he will also fling himself down and wrap up in the latest quilt! He loves quilts, lucky his GM is a quilter!
Orange Crush #2. Using up a different, darker blue and set on the diagonal. Lots of left over little blocks make an interesting border and help to compensate for my dwindling blue supply!
I liked both of these much better after I gifted them, just as well or I may have been tempted to keep them, I love the pieced borders!
And here is EASY STREET, January 2013.
 Quilted with TraditionalBaptist Fan. It is still not bound though the binding is all ready to attach!
Note the combination of the three fabrics that make up the border, just using up what I had.
Pieced backing
 showing more detail.
Next, one of my all time favorites [but how does one choose?!] Smith Mountain Morning, love the combo of blues, browns and neutrals, very CW I think.
 I especially like the pieced border I am very partial to them. Quilted with meandering feathers in the body of the quilt,
and separate feather designs in the borders. The binding is a blue / brown combination that sets off the pieced border. I think borders are very important and should not be something we just slap on to finish a quilt!
The latest of Bonnie's mysteries is Celtic Solstice, not yet bound either! 
 Originally to be quilted with the same Celtic Swirlz panto Bonnie used on hers, but I decided to go freehand and a bit custom because of the extra borders on my version.
 Swirly curls in the body of the quilt………..
 traditional straight-line quilting in the piano key border, "C"'s in the sashing strips and a larger swirly design in the triangular border.
I enjoy pieced backings, they are both practical and interesting.


Andee said...

Loved your Bonnie parade! So nice to see all the ones you have made in different colors. Your Double Delight is STUNNING! I love mine, but I think I love yours more. Also love your pink bargello. :)

Jacki said...

I am excited to have a (photo) collection of Bonnie Hunter quilts soon too. Your work is incredible. thanks for sharing.

Andee said...

Funny I forgot I had looked at this awhile back and the same two quilts as before (Double Delight and Pink Bargello) stuck out as my favorites again! Are you ready for Bonnie's next mystery? Fabric announcement is coming SOON! I can't wait!