Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finished For Friday-Just!

This is a quilt that started life at quilt retreat last week and I set it aside weary of all the little nine patches. I pulled it out today and worked at it for a couple of hours, then went to the gym and later finished it off at about 11:30 pm!
The plan was for it to be a QOV but now I am wondering if it's too feminine, that outer border especially is floral. There are supposed to be stars in alternate gold blocks but I decided to forgo those, I really don't want to fuss with applique but maybe the stars would make it more masculine?
What is the consensus of opinion? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, Coffee

Going Forward-And Backwards!

Progress forward on the bathroom though a day later than expected. The torrential rains yesterday left interstates, local streets and backyards flooded while one highway had vehicles floating down the road! Scary I am sure if you were in one of those vehicles. Our back yard and greenbelt were indeed flooded but we are on a slight slope from Carefree down to central Phoenix so the water eventually drains away no harm done.
Colleges were closed so I missed gym workout and our tiler decided not to run the gamut of flooded streets. More rain today but not heavy and I haven't checked the forecast for tomorrow.
In a nation as large as USA as in Australia one area can be flooded while another is in severe drought, it is the way the wind blows!
Shower almost done…………..
just one little corner of the floor to go.
 Base of vanity is in, enough for City Of Stone to come measure for the granite I chose………...
this one, a nice contrast to the dark wood vanity. All of that is going forward but…….on the quilting, well that's the going backwards part! I decided that I hated the quilting I have done so far on the vintage fan quilt so I took it off the longarm and plan to "frog" the whole thing!
It isn't so much the feather border but the quilting of the fans that I dislike 
so it will all come out! Sigh, sometimes it happens that way!
Oh and make sure that you leave me a message if you want to be in the draw for the pin cushion chickens.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Chickens Have Flown The Coop!

We all got away from Big Bear Lake around 9:30 this morning and everyone has arrived home safely with their chickens! Only these two are left, I had made two extra "just in case".
So, I have decided to give them away to a regular reader- you don't need to jump through hoops just leave me a comment with a color preference if you have one before midnight Pacific Time Sunday September 14th. and I will conduct a random number generator on Monday 15th. I will mail anywhere so it's open season but make sure I can contact you through your blog or some other way and I will find out then where to send these little chicks.
I arrived home right on 6pm. and we went out to eat sushi, it had been a long day and a tiring but happy week! I met some lovely ladies, new quilty friends I hope to see at "Road To California" in January.
Meanwhile "back at the ranch" DH had been very busy and the rest of the bathroom is gutted, the entire vanity is gone along with the mirror and medicine cabinets.
Our tiler Mike has made good progress on the shower  and will be finished Monday except for grout and sealing the travertine tiles. I am pleased with the results so far and on Monday I can call the glass company for final measurements. 
It seems so open and larger now, and I can't wait for the finish.
Our vanity should be here Monday and then I can order the granite top.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rereat Day Three

Feeling very sleep deprived this morning it took me a long time to get ramped up for the day!
Yesterday I had begun work on the Crystal quilt and by this evening I managed to get all the blocks done and sewn into rows. There are three borders to be added to make it 72"x94".
 Elaine brought this lovely BOM for show and tell, she is a "beginner" she says!
Sheryl and Pat did two more demos,  the directions for these adorable little boxes are below, they are simple and fast and I will make some and post pics of the steps on the blog.
 Very cute pot holders take a few steps and appear to have a "Cathedral Window" sort of design- they are probably not more time consuming than the selvedge potholders so might make one just to try it out.
 They are much cuter in reality rather elegant, perhaps I can get a better pic in the morning before everyone leaves.
 Leslie finished this great QOV top today and I know the soldier who gets it will be cheered by the bright colors.
 Barbara's quilt to which will be added too borders, it's a very pretty quilt.
 The next two quilts Linda finished this week, and will quilt on her DSM
This one for a baby girl expected this week.
 An interesting circular quilt Sandy is quilting on her DSM.
A quilt Sandy made with blocks left from a Christmas quilt makes a handy table topper.
 A cute modern quilt Valerie completed at retreat.
 We have had a grand three days of good fun, food and fellowship with considerable quilting accomplished in the cool pines of Big Bear Lake. I wonder where the next retreat will be?

Big Bear Lake Retreat, Day 2

Day 1 we did not begin to sew until mid afternoon by the time we drove all the way up, checked in and unpacked all of our sewing supplies.
However, I did get the blue binding on the blue and white quilt, another one done!
Today I power walked 30 minutes before breakfast then got started on this starry quilt, but after a few hours and resewing after undoing a lot of strips, I became bored with the little nine patches, so I packed it away and took out another kit not nine patches.
These HST blocks completed I packed up for the night and I will tackle the other blocks tomorrow.
Thirteen of us …...
 and yes, those are garage doors you see because we are sewing in a garage!
 A fourth of the group decided it was too crowded so they moved their machines etc upstairs,
 by the kitchen! You know that retreats are all about the food,LOL
 Sherrill's Churn Dash
 Another Sheryl [far left] gave a little tut on this rug/candle mat.
 Susie's modified Churn Dash.
 Tut #2 by Meredith, far right, these are Swiffer dusters replacements made from scraps of recycled fleece, they are washable too- I think I might spray mine with Endust.
 Debbie's delightful modern quilt
 Barbara's blocks
 Retreat favors offered by Meredith, trash bags for our vehicles, they are clever, a large button sewn to the top edge keeps the bag from sliding out of the glove box. I will get a pic of one in place tomorrow.
 Elaine is making I Spy Jar quilts for her grandchildren
Meredith has competed blocks for a Wounded Warrior quilt, the first row is completed.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Just When You Thought You Were Done!

I really thought I had done the final post before retreat but then realized that I needed a little hostess gift for our CA. trip. Easiest thing was to whip up a couple of selvedge oven pads and since summer really is going to come to an end and Fall/ Halloween/Thanksgiving will soon be on the radar I decided orange and black could predominate! Sometimes I just sew whatever comes to hand in random order from my extensive selvedge collection but at other times I will try to follow a theme.
 Showing both sides, these are super fast and everyone loves them-who doesn't need a couple more?
Using up scrap cotton batting, otherwise discarded selvedges with a piece of Insulbrite in the middle, what could be easier or more "green"? Now I just have to pack up everything and I am not saying this will be the final post before the retreat, just in case!

Friday, August 29, 2014

More Renovation!

This time it is our master bathroom, after 15 years the tub/shower combo and outdated vanity had to go.
It always made me feel so claustrophobic it was very closed in and made a narrow room seem even tighter.
This is how it used to look.
Here is how the demolition is progressing
 Tub/shower unit is gone to make way for the frameless glass shower……….
and half the wall between the shower and toilet cut down to be replaced by glass. Some of the plumbing has to be rerouted and the drain moved, then we'll be ready for the tiler on Tuesday.
The cabinets, a dark espresso called "Mocha Shaker" are on order but meantime we can continue to use the vanity as DH just cut away the cabinets and left the top, the family bathroom vanity is too small for both of us to be using for any length of time. I ordered our cabinets from RTA Cabinets, all wood, dovetailed corners and soft close drawers and the price is amazing! RTA is the company our nephew in Boston uses for many of his renovations, having seen the quality first hand I know what we are getting and compared with Home Depot etc it's about half the cost and twice the quality. 
The brown travertine on the floor will also be on the shower walls and the lighter tile on shower floor and trim. The brown is lighter than it shows in the pic and being a natural stone varies quite a lot. I love the feel of it underfoot, never chilly like porcelain or ceramic and not slippery either. Our tiler "Keltic Tile ", is well known to us for many years and his work is both artistically lovely and structurally sound.
I found this Portuguese bowl and the lovely candle both on clearance at TJMaxx Home store, the bowl is the color I will paint the walls of our renovated bathroom. I think it will look very well with the dark chocolate color of the vanity and the large white vessel sinks.
I have yet to choose the granite when I return from CA. the end of next week, the same company that did our kitchen about three years ago, "City Of Stone" will do the vanity top. 
 I have chosen the new mirrors 26"x36" and think they will fit in very nicely.
By the time I return next Friday the tile work will be close to finished, I can't wait to see it and DH has been instructed to send progress pics.
My next post will be from our California quilt retreat at Big Bear Lake, cooler weather no doubt than The Valley Of The Sun.