Saturday, November 22, 2014

Red,White And Blue

BJ needed this done so she can have it bound by Wednesday so I got it on and worked most of the day until we went to the movies-we saw "Gone Girl", two and a half hours of scary suspense! And the ending…..well, not my kind of ending.
 Confession time, I have been known to peek at the last page of a book before I decide to read it, after all, if it doesn't have a great ending how good will the rest of it be?!
 Neutral thread, BJ likes it that way and a freehand design suitable for anyone anytime!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Finishes!

Woohoo, two to show for today, I am getting caught up.
First this Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt by Angela, who really is the number one fan of the designer Bonnie Hunter. And what a great quilt for a guy, it's for Angela's second son.
 The quilting came out really nicely using a variegated blue Signature thread in top and bobbin.
The backing is a mottled blue but it looks much different in the pic. I seem to have broken my Nikon camera by dropping it so I have to rely on the iPhone.
Next a small hand appliqued quilt in the Hawaiian style. The quilter made this using needle-turn technique where the stitching is ideally invisible.
 Using variegated Superior King Tut threads, a gold and a pink/purple on front of the quilt and the finer  Superior Masterpiece in a pale lilac for the bobbin.
 You can see a little stitching in the large applique areas to prevent it "poufing".
 It is usually quite difficult to use two very different colors top and bobbin, but in this case it worked, no "pokies".
 It worked for two major reasons I think, Masterpiece thread is a very fine cotton thread #50, and my machine tension is perfectly balanced. Additionally the hues of both threads were close so neither one popped out as different.
 Here you can see that the Masterpiece blended very well in the backing.
The longer I work at this craft the more I learn and am willing to experiment and take some risks to get the very best results.
Here's the linky for you to join in and show your weekly progress.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weekly Progress

Linking up with Heather over at Books and Quilts.
We have had friends from out of town this week and last week The Boy was recovering from pneumonia so with all of that I am pleased to have two more quilts done and hoping for more finishes the next few days.
 Angela's beautiful Purple Heaven, styled after the Bonnie Hunter design My Blue Heaven. For Daughter Hannah.
 Variegated King Tut thread, a free hand folk-art flower with separate sashing and border designs.
 Another G'ma Hannah quilt, variegated Signature cotton thread.
 A simple design suits this scrappy squares quilt. 
Dream Angel flame retardant batting.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Grandma Hannah Quilts

I think she has been stockpiling quilts because I received a box full! Here is the second another small one, kind of feminine colors too.
Pale lavender thread in an edge to edge [E to E] folk art flower design and QDAngel batting
Then this one I don't think I showed yet? Children always love animal quilts. Gold thread and another QD Angel batt. Next up is a larger scrappy squares quilt and I think I will try my new clam shell design.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Not So Lazy Sunday

I planned a quiet day for rest but it turned out a bit different to my plan! After church I went to the local Home Fabrics store where I purchase a lot of backings, because they have store wide sale as they are closing temporarily in order to renovate. It is a discount sort of place with mainly home dec. but they  usually have a good selection of WOW and white on cream, Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, Marcus Brothers and Cranston prints.
 Twenty eight plus yards for $63 with tax, not bad! It's predominantly backings with a few small cuts for the new Bonnie H mystery starting this month.
 Then onto the Apple store for a Genius Bar appt. to try and solve my iTunes issue where my music won't download to the new iPod. After about four frustrating hours and multiple techs it was decided to replace the device with a new one, I was about to faint by then, I had nothing but a cup of coffee the entire day, planning to eat before the Mac. appt but I ran out of time!
 I still cannot download my library books but I am told IOS 8 in iTunes doesn't play nice with the Overdrive Media software I use?
In the morning I will call the library and see if they can offer an alternative suggestion, meanwhile I have no audiobooks for the gym tomorrow. Drat.
After all that I decided I would treat myself with a new pair of boots so off to DSW to take advantage of my $20 coupon.

I looked around the store through hundreds of boots trying to find leather and NOT made in China and encountered these on the sale rack, probably last year's models? I don't have any short boots so I am pleased with these the color is good to go with almost everything.
They started out at $135, went on sale, extra % off, then with my coupon, ended up at about $35!  I dearly love a bargain and I think they're cute, they are comfortable and I am hoping for cooler weather to continue so I can wear them!
I hear there's an "arctic bomb" predicted for the north of the country beginning tomorrow so maybe a little will slide down to us, but y'all up north there stay safe and warm.
I will be home with The Boy tomorrow, JW called me late this afternoon on his way to the ER with the not-so-little fellow, turns out he has pneumonia. Unless he sleeps a lot tomorrow I will be busy trying to entertain him. I hope to go to the gym early before he comes.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's Over………..

and I can get back to quilting-once I put everything away! I did sell a few quilts but not enough to relieve the critical mass state!
After I had unloaded the car and hauled everything upstairs and dumped it Angela and Kathy called. They were on their way home from Angela's mom's house and did I want to go to sushi? Well you don't have to ask me twice if I want sushi!  Teharu Sushi was on their way so we met there and were able to unwind and de-stress from our labors and enjoy the healthy, yummy food and good company. We each have a member of our family with autistic type issues so there's always lots to share along with QUILTING, which we could talk about all day long!
I was able to deliver Angela's two little Packer quilts for her nephews so she can get them bound among the myriad of other quilty tasks that lady manages to complete! You have to check her blog, I get worn out and confused just trying to keep up with all her achievements, take a look at her "Works in progress" and see if you don't agree!
Almost makes me feel like a bit of a slacker!

Friday, November 7, 2014

My Quilt Display

All set up at the Bazaar, today was very slow so we are hoping Saturday will be busier there was just not much foot traffic.
I rearranged things a bit before leaving this evening, picked up a salad at Babbo's on the way home then loaded another small quilt on the longarm. I will likely feel quite exhausted tomorrow evening after packing up and hauling everything home then unloading and dragging it all upstairs so maybe Sunday after church I can get back to the quilting.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Honor Their Sacrifice…………..

"Concerned Veterans For America" says……….
Go to the Polls on Tuesday, it is both our right and our responsibility.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Little Girl Quilt

This is one Grandma Hannah asked me to quilt, she sent me a box this week.
The thread is palest pink, the batting Quilter's Dream Angel.
 The quilt looks more pastel in reality………..
 the backing is white on white.
Quilted with all over freehand feathers.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Finished For Friday

Posting Thursday evening, I have a full day tomorrow. Two cute quilts from Angela over at Modern Diary blogspot, for nephews Ben and Colton. They are almost identical, different backings though. What a great auntie-Mom, cousin, daughter, etc, I think every member of her family has at least one of her now 234 quilts!
Wouldn't you like her to adopt you?!
This is Ben's………….
yellow backing.
 blue backing, both  quilts have Packer colors of course!
 Angela suggested using a simple football design with helmets and footballs...…….
 difficult to see on the quilt but here is a helmet,
 and here a football.
An open design makes a more cuddly quilt and of course I used the lovely Dream Angel batting by Quilter's Dream that is genetically engineered to be flame retardant without toxic chemicals.
The order came in today from Thousand's Of Bolts, some of the fabrics chosen for JW and Yessenia's wedding quilt. They have chosen grey, yellow and white for the quilt and grey tone on tone design for the backing.
 The grey on the far left is the wide-backing and there will be a lot of a white on white added into the quilt top. I can't wait to get started on it but possibly it will need to wait until after Christmas I have enough planned to take me through the holiday season especially with the addition of Grand Illusion, Bonnie's newest mystery!
I had also ordered yellow and turquoise for the mystery beginning in a month. I think I now have what is needed according to Bonnie's directions.
Now back to the longarm!
Here's Mr.Linky, please join in and add your progress and finishes for the week.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finished For……………...

What was supposed to be Finished For Friday turned out to be finished for Saturday about midnight!
All of those labels made and attached to thirty seven quilts, whew, I am so happy that is done and I have made a commitment to keep up in future. We shall see…...
First stack hanging over the longarm awaiting "bagging"…………
a large tote overflowing………….
a second tote overflowing……..
and three bags full!
The big now challenge will be transporting and displaying them all at set up on Thursday November 6th in a 5x10 foot area, I am planning to ask a friend or perhaps a grandson to help with that. I only have a very small area with two tables so some quilts may have to be stacked under the table, I will see when I get to the venue and can decide on a final plan. I will be posting pics from the bazaar.
I believe that I have earned a day off tomorrow from this chore so I hope to get back to my longarm, I have filled two large suitcases with the quilts I cleared off the machine and it is calling my name!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Grand Illusion

 Bonnie Hunter's next mystery quilt beginning Thanksgiving weekend.
Grand Illusion
Today I went to Lowes to pick up a copy of each of  the Valspar color cards that Bonnie is using for color guides for Grand Illusion.
Here are the fabrics I have pulled from stash.
 I do need more turquoise and one and 5/8 yds. yellow [that is to be constant thoughout the quilt] because there isn't enough of any one yellow in my stash but there does appear to be adequate variety and yardage of the other colors.
Angela is again organizing a get together to celebrate the mystery on 30th. November. I think we expect twenty plus participants so it should be a lot of fun like last year.
My major chore this week is to make and apply labels to about thirty quilts I am preparing for sale the second weekend in November. Our Lady Of Joy church in Carefree AZ, has an annual bazaar and I am hoping to make space in my home by selling some of my stash of quilts.
Most are shown on my blog under the "Quilts For Sale" heading.
So far thirteen have labels leaving still a lot to be done- perhaps that is a lesson to be learned about applying labels as I complete the quilts!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finished For Friday

Finally, a quilty post if only bindings! But for some that is the hardest part so I should not diminish the procedure after all how can you use a quilt without a binding?!
Both the retreat quilts are done done and so added to the "For Sale" stash!
What next? I need to find DSM work, I have been struggling for a week with a very swollen painful knee, wearing the brace but getting no better. I saw my orthopod today and he thinks it's a flare up of the borderline RA, he aspirated a large amount of fluid and injected cortisone so I'm hoping for relief in a few days. Meantime I will go to the gym and work everything but the legs!
Maybe we just need to eat out……………
Here's Mr.Linky, what have you been working on this week? Progress to show?