Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Angela's Allietare

While Angela was enjoying beach time I have been working  assiduously
at  the longarm machine to quilt her 2015 Bonnie Hunter Winter Mystery and here it is in all of its glory
Quilted freehand with peacock feathers and gold thread, Quilter's Dream Select batting, it does not closely resemble my version of Allietare [see previous post] the color choices alone set them apart. It is interesting how a simple color change can effect the look of a quilt then my added borders make them seem like different designs 
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Allietare Is Quilted!

Whew, those five borders took a while but it's all done!
 The main body of the quilt is Circle Lord Swirls......
 the narrow borders are rope design..........
the piano key border is straight line quilted a fourth inch from the seams.........
 and the large dark blue border is feathered.
The quilting always shows so nicely on the back. I took a workshop today on Photo editing at the Apple store and hope my pics will be nicer with more definition in the future!
The binding will have to wait until my shoulder is more healed, operating the longarm isn't a big problem my A-1 machine is very light, but hefting that kingsize quilt around on the domestic machine for binding would tax my shoulder too much -I think the quilt measures about 103"x 117".
I am hoping my nephew can take the quilt back to Australia with him after his visit to the USA in June because I do not want to mail it. First I would need to get an insurance appraisal for replacement value and then it is likely duty would be imposed in Australia even though it is a gift - that has happened before and it was quite a shock! Postage would be close to $200 in addition to the appraisal, another reason not to mail it!
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Wedding And A Birthday!

A very busy weekend, no quilting but maybe this afternoon if I have the energy!
Oldest grandson Daniel wed his ladylove Ashlee on Friday evening in a lovely, casual poolside ceremony.
So sweetly in love, may they always be so.
My grandson is a gentleman, no mashing food on your new bride's face in spite of onlookers encouragement to do so!!
Saturday I was up early to finish prepping the backyard for the seven year old's birthday party. Friday we had done the heaviest part and I planted 56 annuals around the center garden that the birthday boy had helped me buy earlier in the week, carefully choosing the right colors!
I made an ice cream cake, topped with some of the boy's favorite Oreos, whipped cream and sprinkles of course!
Not very beautiful but he's seven years old, it included his favorite dessert choices and he loved it and that's what counts! 
 Nana and Papa brought him an Angry Birds pinata, this was obviously the party theme.
Matthew has loved the Angry Birds game since he was a toddler!
 After all the candy was gone it made a new kind of hat!
Then later outside to play with his friends, here are four of them loaded onto a groaning car, wheels rubbing on the fenders with double occupancy! We are blessed to live on a quiet little cul-de-sac where the children play, under adult supervision of course.
Finally he has a chance to drive, vroom vroom!
They had a wonderful time also riding around on bikes and scooters in the greenbelt , altogether a very successful day!
Back to quilting this week, hoping to accomplish quite a lot.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Progress On Allietare

Wes's quilt is almost quilted, I have decided to take it off the long-arm and turn it to do the rest of the borders as there are five separate sashings/borders and it will be easier to run straight across horizontally to finish the other two sides than to try and quilt and roll and quilt and roll endlessly!
While I have it off I will endeavor to embroider the label on the backing which I forgot to do before I loaded it on the LA. Argh, might take a little effort as this quilt is a kingsize [to reach to the floor on a queen size bed] and it's heavy and awkward but worth a try to get the label integrated with the backing.
Here you see the top and bottom borders and center of the quilt complete - I find it's a big pain to do long borders vertically, very time consuming, more so I think than removing and replacing the entire quilt and I think my quilting is smoother when it's done all in one sweep across the quilt rather than stopping and starting so many times.
It is too late now to try to get the label embroidered and re-attach the quilt tonight, it will have to wait until another day!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Resurrection Sunday

Alleluia, the Lord is risen!
He is risen indeed, alleluia!

Friday, March 25, 2016

"Good Friday"

A couple of years ago I did a blog post on the background of Good Friday and the possible reasons it came to be named so. I doubt that I can improve upon it so I will simply show a link back to that post here.
May you have a very blessed "Good Friday"

Thursday, March 24, 2016


I think these last two posts got out of order because I forgot to publish this one!
Allietare is on the Longarm ready to quilt but I am still deciding on a quilting design
Because Wes is a bull rider I thought about putting a rope design in the narrow sashing/border areas, but what to do in the large dark border? The piano key is a no brainer but large borders are often a challenge.
I remembered a great quick feather border my friend Gale uses and decided to try it so I put a little trial quilt on the side of the longarm. 
 My brain had a bit of a struggle at first getting the top to bottom and vice versa feathers to work but after a couple of tries I got it and proceeded to do the top border of Wes's quilt. I am very happy with the result it was fast and effective I will be using it lots in the future, thanks Gale!
The piano key border will get a simple straight line 1/4" from the seam up and down it will be easy to do free hand it's only 4.5" tall.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Needlework Tuesday, A Little Late!

Usually I try to checkin with Heather over at Needlework Tuesday but I think she was a day late this week and consequently I am too!
So the Allietare quilt is underway on the long arm and today I received the awaited 1.5" rope stencil so I can get on with that now. Quiltingstencils.com is a great company, they have hundreds of stencils and ship priority so it comes in two days and they are nice, cooperative, helpful people.
I am not happy to find that my magic chalk pounce does not show up in white so I have to trace over the stencil with the yellow, that takes a little longer.
Heather talks about a discovery they made of printed piano key border fabric ready to use, I had never heard about it until yesterday when a quilter friend at the gym mentioned her daughter had searched all over the internet to find it. I did not even know it existed and have always used the fabric left from the body of the quilt so it matches. It's a lot more time consuming to make your own but I doubt I would ever take the easy way out, I am way too OCD and I also love to use up as much of the fabric as possible so as not to have dribs and drabs scraps left over!
This afternoon The Boy and I were out walking Button with a friend and her dog, we were hanging out in the greenbelt on this gorgeous, cooler Phoenix day, and Matthew was trying to eat his Wheat Thins but both Button and Bogart were pestering him to share! He was on their level after all and it was so very tempting, dogs are "opportunity eaters"!
These pics show the dogs crowding him for a bite and he endeavoring to keep his snacks for himself! Poor Bogey is salivating he is so anxious for a cracker!
Button almost managed to snag one- she's a terrier/terror after all- but Matthew was too quick for her!
We had a good laugh watching this interaction, kids and dogs will steal the show every time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Minnie Mouse/Minkee Baby Quilt

My friend came today and I guided her through the final process for her granddaughter's quilt, the binding, all done neatly and securely by machine.
First it had to be puppy approved, "now who is this one for?"
"Ah yes the lovely baby Rowen, I approve!" 
It is so soft and cuddly, so glad we agreed no batting.
If you look really close you can see Minnie Mouse.
And that wonderful cuddly soft minkee backing, what baby girl would not love it!
Great job Sueann on your very first quilt, I think you are hooked so what's next??
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Marking Time!

There is still little I am supposed to be doing with my left arm/hand because it all impacts the injured shoulder, a very frustrating condition for me, I am not happy being idle and my default mode is quilting and related sewing! Each time I attempt any of the above my pain level increases, not a happy result.
I have been guiding my friend Sueann through her first quilting project a baby quilt for her new granddaughter.
We chose a simple nine patch, the center being a Minnie Mouse fabric as both parents are Disneyland fans. It is quilted,
 backed with a wonderfully soft minkee and no batting, that would have made it too heavy.
 And the label!
Next week we will tackle the binding using the pink print.
Meantime, I ordered a couple of wide  backings, one for my nephew's quilt "Allietare" a light/medium blue.
 The second is for the quilt I am planning for my own bed, grey and yellow with a little white.
 The bottom fabric is the wide back, I ordered both through eBay from seller "judipat47". I am always leary of ordering from a new online site so I enquired as to the manufacturer of the fabric, quality etc. Most fabrics from this seller come from "Santee Printworks" a privately owned NC mill that has been in business for over 60 years. Judipat assured me that the fabric had a nice "hand" and high thread count appropriate for any other quilt shop quality fabric. The mill manufactures fabric for many retail companies that market it under their own brand names, nice to able to buy USA made and at a great price.
I am quite satisfied with the quality of my purchase and recommend this eBay seller and Santee Printworks fabrics. I purchased four yards per quilt of these 108" fabrics at $39.80 each piece, totalling about $20 short of the $100 free shipping so of course rather than pay $20 shipping I purchased $22 more fabric! LOL!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Allietare Ready for The Longarm

Three weeks after shoulder surgery I was back at the sewing machine last night. Of course my chosen project a very large quilt requiring final borders is a challenge to wrestle around with only one fully operational shoulder. The surgery turned out to be a doozy, not one but three major rotator cuff tears requiring biodegradable anchor screws, suturing etc. and a lengthy rehab.
It has been a very difficult time, I am unable to tolerate narcotic pain meds or even NSAIDS, and tylenol just doesn't cut it after such an extensive surgery. I begin rehab Thursday at the 4 week mark and I know that will not be very pleasant but the restriction on my activity has been the final blow so I hope to be able to ease back into the quilting world now.
 First I tried to hang the quilt, but it's so large[103"x117"] and I am mostly limited to the use of only the hand on my left side and finding this rather unsatisfactory I decided to hang it over the longarm.
Even so it was a struggle and my longarm table is 14ft. Overall I am quite happy with the addition of the piano key and other borders and now it will fit Wes's bed.
Tomorrow I hope to play on the longarm a bit, I have all these lovely new toys tools that are begging to be used!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ash Wednesday

 Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life Happens!

It does seem that life events are conspiring to keep me away from the computer though I have managed to do some quilty oriented web surfing and a little associated retail therapy from bed using the iPad.
Before I went under the knife last week for the third time on the left shoulder, I finished the piano key border on Allietare now there are just two more rows to add, a 5"dark blue and 2" blue star final strip.
Entertaining myself on the iPad I browsed through the website of Tracey Browning  http://www.constantinequilts.com Australia who has a lot of longarm "No Frills Rulers" and her prices are super reasonable especially now they are all on sale even with shipping from Aus. I ended up ordering a few small circles, two right angle rulers for crosshatching etc. and three of her CC Triarc rulers, I am hoping that by the time they arrive I will be able to get back on the big machine. I am quite adept at using one hand to guide my A-1 which is super smooth, light and easy to move.
This is what the CC rulers look like and you can see a video of their use here, I ordered the 1.5", 2" and 3"CC Triarcs.
This is a multi purpose template I chose, the top is for curved crosshatching with the addition of some very small circles. I am anticipating doing some crosshatching soon on a quilt so I will be well prepared.
On another site I also ordered two crosshatch stencils, what I have already is too large for most of my work.
These are one inch and two inch grids.
Then I came across a YouTube video of a "rope tool" which became my final "recuperation" purchase. It is a handy little rope template that comes in two sizes, I think from the video I saw it will be faster and more accurate than marking with a stencil. I decided on the smaller tool that makes 1.5" -3" ropes most useful for sashings and narrow stop borders.
This is pretty cool, check out the video here
All of these tools would work for DSM quilting so if they interest you and you quilt on your DSM check them out and also come back to see when I post about their actual use.
That concluded my shopping spree and I can hardly wait to get all these new toys and try them out! I will have to wait a week or two at least but you can be very sure that I will be back at work while my left side is still restrained in this bulky contraption!
What do you do when you are recuperating from illness/surgery etc, how do you fill the waking hours when boredom sets in?
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